Many companies like yours have already done it. Don't let the times stop you: integrate your business with the production of surgical masks.
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We assist you to guarantee continuous and smooth production of surgical masks. Many companies like yours have already done it.
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Choose Dema Sassi machinery for the production of surgical masks: 100% Italian technology since 1950, set-up within 60 days, technical training and quick return on investment.
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Mask Machine
Small-sized, efficient in numbers: it's the Mask Line MEL 120 machine for the production of the body of surgical masks and ear loops welding. Read the main characteristics of the Mask Line MEL 120:
Fully automated, it only requires one person who collects the masks at the end of the production process Machines to compose it
One mask body machine MBM and one ear loop welding machine ELM 120 equipped with ultrasonic welders.
Masks per minute
Due to its reduced size (1,1x1,5 m), the Mask Line MEL 120 can be installed also in small and medium-sized spaces as long as it is compliant to the current legislation. You Don't know how to do? We'll take care of it, bureaucratic assistance is included.
Needed space
3,85 m2
It is a variant of the previous machine: a fully automated machine to manufacture surgical masks which can be installed in small and medium-sized spaces. Why choose it? It optimises time, costs and even space.
One mask body machine MBM and one ear loop welding machine 60 ELM: this is all you need to start producing surgical masks. Machines to compose it
The basic production efficiency to guarantee you a safe return on investment.
Masks per minute
1,20x3,5 m: the small dimensions mean that the Mask Line MEL 60 can be safely installed in medium-sized spaces. If you have any doubt, please remember that bureaucratic assistance is included in the cost of the machinery.
Needed space
3,85 m2
The Mask Machine is the latest creation by Dema Sassi, the Italian technology to automate the whole production process of the body of surgical masks. We have designed, manufactured, and developed it entirely within our company. The advantages? It combines efficiency and ease of use to allow you a fair return on investment.
The Mask Machine suited to your needs. We offer three different options for welding elastics: automatic, semi-automatic or manual according to your needs. Different solutions
High efficiency: we fine-tune the Mask Machine so that you can immediately start continuous and uninterrupted production.
Masks per minute
1,5x3,5m: these are the dimensions of the Mask Machine. How and where to install the Mask Machine in compliance with the requirements required by current legislation? Ask us: bureaucratic assistance is included in the cost of the machinery.
Needed space
5,25 m2
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Optimise time and costs. What we offer you to be immediately productive:
Technical Training for your staff to smoothly and independently manage the machine after the set-up.
Continuous supply of raw materials to always have at hand the materials necessary for the production of masks.
Consulting on certifications and authorizations. What are the requirements for making masks?
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When purchasing the machine, choose one of our assistance packages for all technical questions relating to the operation of the Mask Machine. We guarantee you continuous production thanks to:
Remote Assistance in 24 h
On-site Assistance in 48 h
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Who has chosen us
Pelletterie ls
"The Mask Machine entered in operation at Pelletterie LS on 3rd June 2020, and since then it has been working daily in continuous production, showing high efficiency and reliability, due to the right functioning and to the high quality of its electric, electronic and mechanical components.

DEMA srl has shown its reliability also during the post-sales period, assisting us for every minimum problem due to the machine. The company gives full availability for either remote and on-site assistance, by sending qualified personnel within a very short time.

We can thus affirm that DEMA srl's professionality reaches the utmost levels during the supply, the support and also the post-sales period."

Dr. Andrea Giovannetti - Process Quality Manager Pelletterie Ls srl
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In 2003 we became Dema Sassi, but our company was born well before: since 1950 we have been dealing with machinery for robotic automation of production processes. We develop and produce our machines entirely in Italy, but we sell them all over the world: we work with Bosch, Siemens, Vorwerk, Valeo, Miele, Braun and other multinationals.

The latest creation by Dema Sassi is the Mask Machine for producing surgical masks, fully automatic and easy to use.

To help you integrate your business with the production of surgical masks, if you need it, we are ready to give you advice on certifications and authorizations thanks to our partner who has already successfully walked the path.
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